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Best Hard Hat Holder

What is the best hard hat holder.

We are here to provide you a simple and no B.S answer to this question. All of us in the industry know just how valuable time is, so instead of having you read a full article for an answer, here it is.

The best hard hat holder is the "YYST Flexible over the seat hard hat holder" available via amazon. The oil and gas industry follows the "KISS Principle," which is "keep it simple, stupid, and this high-quality, straightforward design is perfect.

hard hat holder for truck hitch oil field  

We selected this hard hat holder as our top choice because it can be used for storing your hard hat, and its bendable hooks allow for various uses. The product's flexible hooks and simple design are easy to install. 

 hard hat rack oil field  

Oil field jobs require some basic essentials, your PPE personal protection equipment. The most common tool you will be required to have while on the job site is a hard hat. The hard hat is a type of protective helmet required when in areas that could result in any injuries to your head.

Many oil field workers will keep their hard hats, when not in use, either tossed in crew vans, backseats of work trucks, bed of pickups rolling around somewhere.

But one major difference between you and others can be staying organized. Keeping your work truck organized will provide an added comfort when you are ready to get to work.

Investing in a hard hat holder will provide easy storage and fast access for your brain bucket. We have tested many hard hat holders and hard hat racks over the past years and finally decided on the perfect one for your hard hat storage needs.

Continue to read below for our first-hand tested reasons as to why we have chosen this product as #1 and read our other runner-up selection for the best job site hard hat holders.

Simple and Effective Hard Hat Holder Design

This hardhat holder's size is small but efficient compared to other bulky hard hat holders for trucks. The bendable metal-coated hook design is easy to fasten around your truck's headrest posts.

This allows your truck's headrest to be free from obstructions that you would encounter from other over-the-headrest hard hat racks.

The product weighs in at just 4.8 ounces. It is constructed well, doesn't make any noise, and is easily moldable for your seat-back and headrest.

Price, best hard hat holder under $10. 

This is the best hardhat holder for under $10, no doubt about it. The order comes with 2 hat racks/hooks per order, so you can keep one and share the other or use one for your work truck and one for your personal truck.

We have seen many people use these hat holders while on days off to hold their ball caps and even groceries. The bendable hooks are covered in rubber, which will not dent or damage your seats. 


Functional, Hard hat storage

Provides a simple, cost-effective tool to keep your truck organized while out on the job site. They work great to free up space in your backseat and provide fast and easy access to your hard hat. 

Multiple uses for storing hard hat or other essentials securely

As we said before, we had various people use these for over one month to test their functionality and durability. During this time, we encountered various uses for these headrest hooks.

They provided a convenient way to carry bags of groceries for interior space-saving and preventing the bag's contents from rolling around while driving.

One of the users also told us his wife was using them in her own vehicle for her handbags, purses, and clothes. It turns out many other oilfield wives have found these easily bendable hooks useful in hanging their kid's backpacks and jackets.

We have found ourselves using them while at the mancamp since most man camps lack hanging storage and hangers. After you purchase these, you will be surprised at what you will find to use them with.

Runner up for our top hard hat rack for truck.

Is Horizon 5002 Sturdy Steel Over The Seat Hard Hat Rack available here on amazon. This hard hat rack is made of steel and allows you to keep your hat secure while on the road.

This can be used either over the headrest and under the headrest. We have found that hanging this hard hat rack under the headrest is much more comfortable, as it allows you to still have your headrest free from obstruction.

A few important cons as to why this is our second pick is that it is bulky and does not fit most seats, which leaves a gap. The construction also feels flimsy, with some users comparing it to simple clothing hangers.

This product's price is also much higher than most without any other function. Its one-use design can only accommodate hard hats without any other benefits.

If you are looking for a specifically designed hardhat rack to store your PPE and organize your work truck while out on the job, this will work just fine. We have also found this PPE rack used in multiple crew vans, which fits their bench seats.

Our final decision is simple. 

Oil field jobs require oil field tools, and if you made it this far down the article, you should have already put together our recommendation. Which is YYST Flexible over the seat hard hat holder available here on amazon. Our final decision is based on a variety of inputs and opinions. We have tested these hard hat racks in our West Texas adventures, feedback from various over-the-road truck drivers, to construction workers in town. The pure design is easy to install, can be used for various applications, and can be stretched for larger-sized hard hats. Its bendable hooks are way more compact and less bulky than other hard hat hangers we have used. 

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