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Capitalism working in West Texas town. Man camps kicking out oil field workers for big U.S Government windfall.

Capitalism is working at its finest in this West Texas town.  Man camps built as all-inclusive hotels, primarily used by oilfield job workers, are now quickly transitioned into government funded alternatives to fill the urgent need for unaccompanied immigrant children.

West Texas former oil field housing, aka man camps are now under government contract.

Reports of man camps across West Texas now pandering to the governments open borders and open wallets.  Target logistics man camp of Pecos Texas is replacing their standard clientele (oilfield workers) for a higher paying client, the U.S. Government.  

man camps west texas oilfield hitch oilfield

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a notice to the town of Pecos Texas, which announced that the Pecos man camp known as Target Logistics would be activated as a shelter for unaccompanied children. 

What is the definition of a man camp

A man camp in oil field terms is a significant sight of an oilfield town.  It is usually a facility built as temporary housing offered to oil field workers that provides sleeping quarters, dining, laundry, and recreational facilities.

  man camps west texas oil field

Man camps can range in size from large scale dormitory-style buildings to trailers, RV spots, and portables.  

Housing typically for oil and gas workers is now prioritized for unaccompanied migrant children.

The Biden administration is now scrambling to provide housing for the surge of unaccompanied children.  These children have arrived from our southern border and are housed in these man camps that once provided 24-hour service such as; food, laundry, entertainment and housing to hard-working American men and women in our oil and gas industry.

man camp oilfield jobs texas hitch oilfield jobs

These man camps are turnkey lodges that allow workers to rest after their workday in a comfortable room away from home.  These full service communities are now being occupied by a higher paying client, the U.S. Government.  

oil field man camps for hitch oilfield work and jobs

The limited access to man camps by oilfield job professionals created by the Biden Administration adds to an already stressful situation.  

The objection among many oilfield workers might not be what you would expect.  To understand the frustration, one would need to understand the long labor intensive hours and personal sacrifices these oil industry workers put in day after day. 

The majority of clients who occupy these man camps are individuals working away from home for oil and gas operators or companies such as Halliburton, Liberty, etc.  These oil professionals provide oilfield job services such as frac, coil tubing, wireline, location set up, pipeline construction, and other oil and gas related services. 

what is frack

The daily demand from these oil field jobs can range from old fashioned hard labor to mental exhaustion from petroleum engineers and other oil industry professionals.  The extreme workload for oil field specialists is combined with long days and dangerous commutes to remote locations. 

How does an oil field workers day start 

For most oil field jobs, a typical day consists of waking up at 3 or 4am to allow time to drive hours away to remote frac or other oil and gas locations.  Early call-out times are needed to allow for safety meetings and purchase food, energy drinks, cigarettes, and other comforts needed for the day. 

oil field bang energy drinks

Oilfield jobs demand high expectations and requirements, which include working ran or shine, days or nights and on some occasions under extreme weather conditions.  These individuals will regularly be awake for more than 16 to 18 hours each day, typically for a 14-day straight hitch (work schedule).

liberty oilfield job hitch oilfield Liberty services

Man camps provide temporary housing and comforts catering to oilfield jobs.

Man camps provide temporary housing for oilfield workers during their hitch, away from their homes.  Often oilfield hands occupy these camps more than their personal homes.  Consequently, the Biden Administration permanently occupies these once-coveted spaces, with oilfield operators being forced to search for limited, much more expensive alternatives. 

mancamp oilfield west texas hitch oil field

Some of these alternative housing options accompany an already sky-high price tag considering their proximity to an oil town.  These options are often further away from locations than usual and usually provide limited to no amenities, consequently increasing the stress level of an already stressful profession. 

The Biden administration's failed border policy affects oil industry workers trying to provide for themselves and their families. 

The Biden's administrations ineffective border policy has inadvertently affected our oil and gas industry's men and women, soley to make room for the influx of unaccompanied minors.  At the same time, our oil field workers are dealing with the already fragile oil industry's roller-coaster lifestyle. 

As our men and women of the oil industry are working to keep the world turning, they will face another unforeseen challenge.  An American Presidents failed border policy, creating further stress to our fragile American oil industry.

Biden's policy to house 500-2000 unaccompanied illegal migrants in West Texas man camps limits affordable living access to our oilfield workers.

The arrival of unaccompanied children from our southern border has increased since Biden has taken office, caused by the Administrations soft and failed border policies.  

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