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About Us

Our About me page, so you want to know about "us"? It is not about an "us" in the sense of the people running the show, more about the "us" in the oil and gas industry.

We built this brand in collaboration with actual oil field guys, "professionals." It was one vision, inspired by the years working alongside others in the field. This industry of ours is global, and if you are lucky enough to continue busting ass every hitch, you will have met many people from all cultures and backgrounds, some good and well shit some bad.

That is how this industry goes, you have your shitty workers that don't make it, and you have some workers that can. Your crappy workers are the lazy slapdicks always trying to find a way out of working, hiding, complaining—the ones that find something to gripe about every hitch. These guys are the "Most Can't" guys in our companies motto "Some Can, Most Can't."

Now the "Some Can" guys, those guys & gals are the ones that nut-up and get it done, the ones that were built for this shit! Don't get it twisted either, we might not particularly like doing it, but while on hitch we know what and who we are here for. Oil and gas work is not for everyone, and that is fine, but if you are going to be out here and on the clock, be an asset and not an anchor to your crew.
So you want to know about us? We, all of us in the field keeping the world turning, are Hitch Oilfield. "Some Can, Most Cant" 

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